Sunday, February 3, 2013

Power and Love

This verse is very fitting for the feelings of anxiety that stir within my spirit right at this very moment. Any feeling of worry or fear is not of God. Any feeling that threatens my peace is unholy and not to be welcomed. God has given us a very upright spirit that bores love, sound judgment and is so full of His awesome power!In one of my very first posts I talked briefly about quitting my job last year and going to work in a family business. 

The truth of the matter is, I delivered MYSELF out of a situation in which God had strategically placed me in order to be made by Him. I had grown weary and did the unthinkable. I fainted. I was so disappointed in myself for giving up after all the hard work and blessings that came from this position. I paid dearly for walking over the Lord that way. I've had to confess and repent of some things that would have been prevented had I stayed in my Father's house instead of playing the role of a lost son. We read about Him today at church and I was painfully reminded of how I acted like an ingrate back in October last year. The blessing in it all is when we truly confess and repent out of a sincere heart God still welcomes us with open arms. The point now is to not be a repeat offender but to stay in my Father's house because that is the safest place. 

I said all that to say I have taken a healthy share of humble pie and will return to my old job tomorrow and finish out whatever work the Lord has for me. I have been so anxious in the past few days it's unreal. Many thoughts of failure and inferiority have crept into my mind. I thank God for the house of refuge that He has given me. Receiving the true en-grafted Word of God, I'm reminded to keep my eyes on the cross and remember that if I cannot suffer I shall not reign with my Lord and Savior in Heaven.

Plastered all over everything I own, this verse gives me strength to calm down and get out of myself enough to remember that this is not about me, but about carrying out the work that Jesus has set before me. Thank God for Him!!!! My prayer is that even though the small sliver of worry I still carry, I will allow the will of the Father to be done in my life through this job. 

Be be better! 


  1. You are so right! Any fear or anxiety we have is definitely not of God. I pray that God will give you favor, peace, and strength as you return to your old job tomorrow!

  2. Oh, I love this verse! Thank you so much for sharing.