Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love and Happiness

Relationships really are a two way street, and couples really do have to work at it everyday to keep a relationship healthy. It's not something that just happens overnight. Its a process. A beautiful journey when the right people are in love.

I'm usually not one for relationship advice, but i must admit my discoveries...

October 2004 I had what i thought would be a one night stand with the father of my 2 children. I was at a time in my life where i was single and lovin' it! Being an exotic dancer at the time did not leave room for many serious lovers in my life so i stayed low key. And after a very traumatic breakup only 3 months before, I was so not interested in anything exclusive. One night turned into 2, which turned into four months of the best sex I'd had in a very long time. As long as he was putting out, I was getting it in.

It all came to a screeching hault when i turned up pregnant in February 2005. We were both shocked, especially me because I had been told by an OBGYN that I was infertile. The next few years turned out to be some unbelievable moments of drug addiction, co-dependecy, and an extremely toxic relationship. (Don't worry, just stay tuned!)

Like I've stated in a previous blog, it was not until 2012 that I realized I really did love this guy. He is not perfect, neither am I. Today we just work on being alright  where we are. He's a Virgo and I'm a Sagittarius, so it takes some effort for us to come to an understanding sometimes. I have a young, wild, and free spirit while he's layed back and chill. I want to jump in feet first, but he wants to take his time and check things out.

For years I thought we'd never be able to work out our differences. Last year I talked to God about alot of things, and believe me... If you sincerely ask for an answer in prayer, He will give it to you whether you like it or not. So many of my awful ways have been revealed to me. And when I realized this man had seen the ugliest side of me and never walked away, I knew he loved me for sure. Today we have an open relationship that keeps getting better. Some things we still have to work at because we have both done some serious damage to this thing we call love. We have disagreements, but we quickly resolve them. I hate it when he wears my bedroom slippers, and he still can't understand why I freshen up "1,000 times a day", but we manage. We tell each other the truth no matter if it stings a little and we try to see each other's point of view. We kiss, we talk, we laugh, and sometimes I can even get a glimpse of his pure loving heart when he puts his arm around me to hug me.

Relationships are not always easy, and you have to meet in the middle. It doesn't matter what your signs are or even what you've been through...Its about the love you both share and the places you wanna go... Be inspired...To be better!

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