Monday, February 11, 2013

#YOLO Monday link up

As reluctant as I am to type this: This Monday ain't been so bad! So lets celebrate by linking up! I found Southern Beauty Guide through one link up and found #YOLO Mondays!
My Mom and God Mother (55&56) My God Mother had her birthday party at the skating ring!

//being Mommy
//getting through yet another lunch rush hour successfully
//submitting an essay and knowing I did my best
//cherry Coke Zero------yes, I know it's bad, but that's a whole other post...stay tuned
//a new plan of action for organization  :)
//formulating a 30 by 30
Whole Food cupcakes...Saaaweeet!

I've been thinking about this whole resolution thing. Not as successful as  had hoped but still not too bad... I'll be tweaking it all this week so I'll give you the scoop by Friday! Happy Bloggin' folks.... #YOLO

I refuse to be sit back and watch life pass. Not settling for anything less than AWESOME! God help me to be exactly who You want me to be!!

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