Saturday, January 5, 2013


So it's almost 11:30 and I'm sitting down wide awake to post this blog. For me that means one addition thus far to the list of resolutions. I do want to create some normal sleep patterns. I've always been a night crawler, but since I've been working at night for the past 3 months my sleep account is almost bankrupt. Now that I am not employed for the month I will use this time to change my sleeping habits.

As I've promised the 3 day juice detox will commence at 5am tomorrow morning. These are the items my grocery cart contained today:
a large bunch of kale greens
1 bag of lemons
approx. 7 inches of ginger
1 whole pineapple
2 bags of carrots
1 bag of green apples
3 large grapefruit
1 bag of oranges
6 tomatoes
1 bunch of scallions
3 large cucumbers
1 bunch of spinach
1 bunch of parsley
1 gallon of self dispensed filtered water
4 individual cartons of Silk almond milk
5 12pks of Pepsi products (one was Diet Mt Dew- personal favorite.)
Taco Dinner Kit

The chips and taco kit were for my kids. The sodas were also bought for the rest of the house. I must admit that the Mt Dew was definitely for me. Maybe its a reservation. I never promised to swear off soda forever. only temporarily. I do promise to go completely through the detox without them, and for as long as i can stand after that. Another issue is my coffee. Its a real crutch and I know I will miss it dearly, but I really want to do this thing right. So... no soda, no coffee, for three days. I do have a smorgasbord of herbal teas i have collected in the last couple months including Yogi's own Blueberry Slimlife and Healthy Fasting. I will take full advantage of these items as I'm juicing. with only a few hours to sleep I'm going to shut this thing down and reconnect with you all in the morning! You all stay tuned and join me on a road to improved metal, physical, and spiritual health!...Be be better!


  1. Good luck on your detox. BTW, I gave up Mountain Dew in the can(my favorite) two years ago this coming April.

    1. hey!thanks for the support! I hope one day I can give it up. I've given up alot of bad habits, but coffee and Diet Mt Dew are the last crutches I have to hold on to. We'll see what happens!